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Thinking of gutter repairs, new eavestrough installation or existing gutter replacement in Calgary, then Aquaguard is your best choice for a Calgary eavestroughing company. Owned and operated by a certified JOURNEYMEN CARPENTER with OVER 22 years hands on experience in the industry.
Calgary gutter repair
From replacing gutters on four story apartments to the eavestrough repair on a bungalow, Oleg has the right tools and expertise! Expert in waterproofing , exterior envelop, roof venting, receive quality workmanship at competitive prices. Call a BBB member to do your eavestroughing and protect your investment. Aquaguard guarantees the eavestrough installation labour for 5 years.

We will help you choose proper products and installation.

Frequently asked questions to Oleg

1. Continuous eavestrough or sectional eavestrough?

Continuous eavestrough is manufactured on site and professionally installed to precisely fit your house.
Sectional gutter you can buy in a hardware store and comes in a maximum length of 10 feet, you have to install and seal the gutter joints, which looks unprofessional, because of seams. Expansion and contraction will rip them apart and they will eventually leak.
Calgary eavestrough repair
2. Baked on Galvanized eavestrough or aluminum eavestrough?

Galvanized steel is a superior product compared to aluminum. The proof is seen in TIME. Some of the old barns are 100 years old, still have original galvanize steel roofs on them.... Does anyone see the 100 year old aluminum roof?

Aluminum is sold by the kilogram. The good quality aluminum is hard to find. Aluminum comes very thin like a pop can (the thinner a material the more footage they can get from one kilo) so most gutter installation companies prefer to use aluminum so they can have a more footage for less money. Because of the acid rain, aluminum eavestrough oxidize faster and leak more frequently. It also bends and dents very easily.
Galvanized steel is available in many baked on colors, no painting ever!!! And it costs the same as aluminum!

3. Ice in the eavestrough?

90% percent of ice is caused by the build up of heat in the attic. Please call Oleg and consult to find your options to properly vent your roof.

Improper eavestrough slopes and too much water sitting in it will also cause ice to build up.

4. Leaf guards or NOT?

Calgary is a windy city, and Alu-rex leaf guard system works very well to prevent leaf build up in your eavestroughs. I have installed this product for over 5 years and have a good experiences/ outcomes. For the skeptics, I will recommend oversize 3x3 down pipe to allow debris to flow with less restriction.
Calgary gutter leaf guards Calgary gutter leaf guards
Aquaguard recommended for Calgary eavestrough.
Galvanized baked on continuous eavestrough.

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